25 October 2008


I may not be clothed in a luxurious or exquisite gown, but right now, I feel like royalty. There is a reoccurring change within, a metamorphosis that transforms me, when I slip on an elegant garment. My shoulders straighten, my chin lifts a little higher, my frame is poised, and my feet seem float gracefully inches off the ground.

I do not need to wear exceptional finery though, to feel such a way. Lately many of you, my friends and fellow bloggers, have clothed me with a robe of kindness and honor, and even though my words drip slightly with sappiness, I truly do not know thank you.

The beautiful charm of blog awards though, is that I am given the opportunity to pass them to others, which is yes, terribly difficult, when you are all so generous and kind, but worth it, if there is a chance to bestow someone with that warm glow I always feel whenever someone recognizes me in a special way.

First award I will do, is the "I Love Your Blog" award which was given to me again by the inspiring and alluring Mila and also by the ravishing and delightful Betsey. Thank you my dear girls!

Now I want to give this award to: The Clothes Horse & Dry As Toast & My Idea Of Fashion & It's Her Factory & Yes Please Mademoiselle & Mode Parisienne.

Next, I was given the Kreativ Blogger award by the endearing and sweet Dorkys R., whose blog, Dry As Toast, is anything but dry as toast!

And I want to give this award to: A Beautiful Life & Aphex Nation & I'm Not Anti-Social, Just Short-Sighted & Loveology & The Snowshoe Rabbit & Friends & Lovers.

The last award is called the Premio Dardos award, and is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing. A million heartfelt thanks to the intriguing and beautiful Saray for selecting me to be given such a unique honor.

I'd like to give this award to the following: Leese Looks & Style Discovery & The Millenniall Life & Fashion Ability & Hippie Couture & Little Star.

Also, this is not an award, but I have been meaning to mention for some time, that Free People (a clothing line that makes up the third branch of an sensational and related trio that also includes Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie) featured my blog on their blog. I was surprised and thrilled! You can read the entry, written by the lovely Katie (also know as, fpgirl) here.

P.S. I have one more award to give, it's a little unofficial, but definitely honest and sincere, and that would be an award that I am going to call the "I ♥ My Readers" award, and that my dears, goes out to all of you! :)

P.P.S. In your life, and not only including the blogosphere, what is something you received that made you feel like royalty? It can be anything, not specific to awards, but as simple as someone making something for you or someone just giving you their time and attention, and making you feel, well, special.

Photo Credits: http://nearerthemoon.livejournal.com & http://www.herfamedgoodlooks.com via miu_miu @ www.thefashionspot.com .


Cara Mia said...

it feels great to be loved! congratulations on your awards and your desire to share them with others. :)
cara mia

Valentine said...

Ah. Freja makes me go into hyper mode. ;-) To answer your question I think the day when my mum told me that she had faith in me and let me quit school to travel with my dad was the day I realy felt like royalty. My mum's trust is really worth more than any finery or jewelry.

oh! and thanks for the award.. *happiness* I appreciate it a lot.



Mila said...

Ah sweety, thank you so much for the 'Kreativ Award'. It's such an honour, especially when given by you. ;)

Beautiful post, some of the images are truly amazing and some of the dresses also are. <3

I find the question quite hard to answer....i think i felt the most like royalty when i shop with my mother and we both buy things we find very pretty and we are really happy with.
Oh, and when i am at my mother's place and i go in the beautiful bathroom and bath wilt delicious scented oils and stuff. Then i feel really special...

Thanks again, dear!

Oh and what a great honour to be named by that Freepeople girl! Good for you, you so deserve it!



Betsey said...

thank you so much for this! it really means a lot to me to get an award from YOU! I just love your blog so much it hurts. jk! but seriously, thank you! and you definitely deserve all these awards because you're writing is delightful and beautiful. xo

Couture Carrie said...

Congrats on your award, S-C! Wow, your vocabulary is just as stunning as these images. I particularly love that first backless gown!
What makes me feel like royalty in the blogosphere? A particularly commented-on post OR when a fellow fashionista tells me that I'm good at what I do...
Btw, you are an absolutely inspired blogger and your passion shows in your posts!


Maddi said...

Thanks for the comment =]
Congratulations on your award!

syd vicious said...

Congrats on the awards, you deserve em!

Dorkys R. said...

First off, congrats on all the recognition you've been receiving (and rightfully so!). I love how even when receiving/giving awards and doing these tags your post never loses its grace. You're so great at this and with that am so honored to have received an award from you. Thanks so much, s-c. It truly means a lot that you like my blog too :)

As for your question, I guess I feel like true royalty whenever someone just tells me I've been able to bring a smile to their face.

Petra said...

Beautiful beautiful post! You so very much deserve all the awards!

To be loved by another is the best gift imagianable. I feel like royalty when i reaise that there are those around me who love me completely and always will. It is such an astonishing gift.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! xx

Aysia said...

Thank you so much, darling! I feel like I should have written a speech :)

Hila said...

you sincerely deserve all these awards - your blog is truly special :)

J.Yo said...

amazing blog! very peaceful and dreamy writing, to my opinion. very calm! i congratulate u from the bottom of my heart!

and the photos are very mysterious and also very classy. love em.

please visit me sometimes, and please don't mind me adding your blog in my read lists! i'll also be glad if u'll exchange links with me!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

you deserve all of them!

these are such gorgeous pictures.

anyway, thank you for commenting on my blog about what your opinion on who you are blogging for is. it was really appreciated.

ashley said...

you are very deserving of all the loving!
hope you are having a splendid week-end, full of that warm, loved feeling you describe!
x ashley

Songy said...

Oh, S-C. Thank you.

What are you plans? You are so talented. I know when I see a talented person. Well I'm sure that's why lots of people are following your blog now. I'd love to know what you want to achieve. (not just for the blog but outside of this sphere.)

My guy gave me an illustrated version of Wee Free Man by Terry Pratchett last night as an anniversary present. That made me feel pretty special I should say. :)

ladyb said...

Congratulations, SC.

To answer your question - I once wrote a short story inspired by the small doll who lives inside the jewelry box.

A few weeks later, I came home to find a very old, gold jewelry box waiting for me on my doorstep, inside was lined with purple velvet and the girl wore a beautiful black gown - it was from my lover.

That made me feel like royalty.

Lisa said...



thanks my love. coming from you it means the world. so thank you.

and HELLO for the feature. that is SOOOOOOOOO incredible, NOT surprising, but oh so fabulous (*)

you deserve all the praise + glory.

oh yes. the big move out! It is emotional but it seems like the time is right for you. Time to spread your beautiful wings...

how jealous am I think it will be to NYC...argh. I just might have to come over there and tell you how jealous I am in person !

I am thankful for each and every word you wrote.
my heart is FOREVER gracious.

ah. the biggest reward -gift . It has been my family + friends. They mean everything to me and truly make me feel like royalty.

Being surrounded by such incredible + inspiring people is the biggest gift and reward I could have ever recieved. They are my heart and soul and without them I would not be in existence.

WELL my girl. Its off to the books.

have a beautiful rest of your weekend.


ps- love these photos. they are insanely gorgeous.

sueper said...

Clothes can really transform you in another person - that is what i like so much about it - every dat is a day of dressing up

Mimi said...

Oh wow the pics are stunning.

STEFANIE said...

Oh S-C thank you SO much!! What an honour really! And coming from you, it even feels like a bigger honour because I adore your blog! But you knew that already I think ^-^
And again you found some great pictures to accompany your post, wow!
Thanks again dear!

Little Star* said...

Dear S-C,

Firstly - Wow! I'm in shock but in the best way possible. Just quite in awe that you were compelled to give me an award. It means so much and so a huge un-ending 'Thank You' for it & for reading my blog :)It has made my month :D

Secondly, Congratulations on your awards. Some things I have been reading lately remind me of this - that there is a proven link that the Universe rewards those that use their talents & creative energies towards something that brings light into other people's worlds - through your beautiful words & photos, you do this.

Royalty...you can feel this when you are in a room full of people that you know love you & miss you when you go away. I feel this also when I dress up for a night out at the theatre, when I wear my favourite dress & heels, when I meet someone who I respect & admire and they talk with you & make you feel important. That's just a few things that spring to mind...thought provoking post as always.

Fantastic :)
Amy* xxx

hrose said...

what a beautiful photoshoot.
freja is a stunner!
congratulations on the awards, your blog is lovely to read, and you certainly deserve them!

i feel like royalty whenever i get comments! i love hearing what people have to say about what i've written and my opinions on things...
we all crave human connection! (what was that in... oh yes, the jane austen book club haha :D)

hope you had a lovely weekend!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Speaking of royalty, I recently found out that my great-great-great Uncle was a Duke, according to the paperwork, I am a Countess! :) I love the beautiful photography accompanying your equally beautiful writing, S-C.

So glads you liked my last v-log installment. PB and J is the best!! ;) And don't let anybody tell you differently.

HAHA, great minds think alike, the LBD in BAT is the greatest creation in the universe, no? You are so lucky to have scored those sunglasses. :)

Our weather is just as rainy and miserable here... :/ Hope yours brightens up some!

xo/ fashion chalet

Bella said...

Congratulations on your blog award!! It's always welcoming to receive recognition for a job well done!

And the images are so whimsical... the gowns, exquisite!

yiqin; said...

:) I always love gowns wit long long trains.

fashionqueenartsyteen said...

Mmm I just love this spread...and congrats on being loved so much!
How is your weekend so far? Have you had any luck with finding a job, dear?

Copycat Sasha said...

What beautiful pictures, and congrats on the awards!

Tuesdai Noelle said...

I'm late on here lol!

Gorgeously playful dresses, that shine for the post...love them!

Congrads on all of your well-deserved awards, you have an excellent personality. You're alway fun, intelligent and exciting. Love these refreshing ideas from each post.

...there's SO many things I could name that makes me feel roality...I'll come back to that question :o)

detour2mode said...

love these pictures..thanks for sharing!

MOLLY GRAY said...

your blog is royalty. love every corner of it.

Unrealized Fish said...

Beautiful pictures!

Jordi Gual said...

Exquisite Sussan......•·

iheartbowheads.blogspot.com said...

Such beautiful pictures!



Anabel said...

ohhh she's gorgous!

btw, I've got you in my blog-roll!!

thanks again!


Katie said...

congrats on all your fabulous awards! :)

For me, when anyone takes enough time out of his or her day to say hello and ask me how I have been doing makes me feel WONDERFUL. I love it.

hope you had a great weekend!

lacouturiernyc said...

what a great editorial! and congrats on your awards darling! :)

i love sequined and embellished dresses!

La C

Miss Karen said...

Gasp! I thought I had already commented on here but I haven't!

Thank you for the award my sweet, I really do appreciate it <3

This is such a beautiful post - I love the imager. And congratulations on the Free People shout out! It was well deserved :D
And in regards to your P.P.S I'm always astounded when people comment that they say something in particular and thought of me. Like a certain dress or something from the 60s. The fact that I'm even taking up room in their headspace just blows my mind!

Mary said...

i love your writing, and those pictures are divine! pretty frocks... backlessness... yumm

i like being cuddled and complimented. it sounds shallow... but i really think there's nothing more royal feeling than snuggling in a comfortable bed with someone that the liking is mutual.

El Notable said...

Those are the most beautiful pics I've seen in a looong time! thanks for the post

ashley said...

Hello sweetie,

lovely mila has started a new tag and passed it along to me...i in turn would like to pass it to you. i think your next step with it would be something brilliant.
please let me know if you are too busy and will re-tag {but, you were the first one to pop into my head;)}

x ashley

Merily said...

Freja looks amazing and the shots are SO beautiful.

NonchalantMod said...

the pictures in this post are exquisite!!
puts me in the mood for a dress-up game..

surimay said...

wow. first time visiting! you have a beautiful way of writing and source some stunning editorials and images! i'm in love with your blog already! :D

Penter said...

I really like the photos! And you look so gorgeous!!! Congrad for the award!

makemoremistakes said...

Hey girl! I gave you an award on my blog- hope you like it!


Mila said...

Hi dear, hope you're fine!

Just wanted to let you know i saw the movie Into the wild yesterday, because i saw it on your blog and it seemed interesting to me.

Wow, if left me totally speechless.
I cried...oh dear, how i cried out loud. I am such a sucker for this kind of movies.
It was brilliant, the acting was just amazing, as were the beautiful landscape views, the whole script was beyond everything.

The only thing...i usually hate bad endings. To be honest, i did this time too. It leaves me so sad and i always need a few hours to get back to reality.

However: AMAZING!


Ooh and i am so curious to see what you will do with the tag i came up with, passed to Ashley from Strawberry Kisses and she passed it to you (what a great choice of hers...)

Jess. said...

Amazing post, dear. I love the polaroids. And the last few dresses are stunning!

Hope you are well,

Chloe's Chic Conception said...

These photos are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cassie Casserole said...

I would definitely feel like a princess in all of those dresses, they were beautiful!

Vintage Me New You said...

you are a wonderful person and you deserve all the awards for your talent:)

xoxo said...

SO GORGEOUS. Beautiful!!!!

Modelizer said...

Gorgeous photo choices, congrats on all the awards an your major fanfare!

amy@flyingakite.blogspot.com said...

You are the most beautiful thing in this world. I am in love with your blog, your ideas, and your words. You bring me into a nostalgic, reflective, introverted mood that allows me to hope, wonder, and to dream. Never change. I'll always love coming here to feel free and peace.

love always
hope to hear from you
- amy !!

sa said...