07 November 2008

The Art of Style

In my blog, fashion images are routinely coupled with philosophical words, but to give you breather in-between discussions on the human behavior and world issues, I thought today we could talk about fashion itself. As well as, The Search for Chic requested previously, in comment, for me to talk about personal style, and while I am no master of style itself, here is what I know, what I have been taught, and what I have learned.

Do not worry about getting fashion wrong, there is no wrong in fashion, only opinions. Focus instead on experimentation and the mastery of your own personal style. If you make attempts to imitate another’s style you will only limit yourself and silence your unique point of view which is your power to create a style that is all your own.

This is not to say you can’t take inspiration from others, but know that if you follow a trendsetter, because you wish to be like them, you will never be and cannot until you stop following the trends they set and create your own. Then, and only then, will you be a trendsetter just as they are.

If people think you’re doing fashion all wrong, not only is that merely an unjustified opinion, but you should know you’re doing something right. If people always understand and commemorate another’s clothes, there is very little that is fascinating about being commonly predictable and pleasant. Instead dare to fearlessly mystify, surprise, excite, and baffle society with what you wear.

Most importantly though, who you are as a person most often reflects in your dress, so do not only concern yourself with the matters of fashion, but rather always take time to nurture your internal style, as doing so will enhance and personalize your exterior style.

What are your thoughts about fashion, and personal style? If you're being completely honest, do you care what others think of your style and/or outfit esembles? How would you describe your personal style or do you feel you haven't found your own personal style yet? Do you have any style icons or people who you look to for ideas in fashion? Other thoughts?

Photo Credits: Photographer Sandra Freij via www.lundlund.com.


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Good morning S-C,

Love the second photo...the hat is SO unique & lovely.

"If you make attempts to imitate another’s style you will only limit yourself and silence your unique point of view which is your power to create a style that is all your own." ~ S-C

Most definitely.

I always see style as expression from within; Your own personality, something that says YOU and only you.

For the most part, I wear what showcases my personality the most & what makes me feel free, confident and gorgeous. Which would be the style of wearing;

A denim blazer, tank top OR if it's cold long sleeves, & colour heels (anyyy colour). I like trendy and comfort :o)

Thanks for sharing... :o)

Songy said...

Howdy S-C
I believe in 'anything is possible' fashion. No rules and no boundaries. I wear what feels right for me. I'm sure you'd do the same knowing your philosophies.

J.Yo said...

i do think one's style is one's art, and personality.

Therefore, i really admire people who believed in this kind of thought.

but here, most people just made weird stares at someone dressing differently than others, looking at them weirdly because they are not following trends, which is absolutely pointless, because we make trends, not follow, as u say.

i love this post! not to mention the editorial!

J'Adore Fashion said...

hello dear, I so agree with this quote
"If you make attempts to imitate another’s style you will only limit yourself..." S-C
I think even though we might get inspired by others, it is always good to make it our own. I do get inspired my people, arts and lots of others things, but I don't go imitating their exact looks because It takes away from who I am and my personality. I tend to dress base on my feeling, mood, personality. I choose my outfit as I go, I never think of what to wear previously. I love experimentation that why I see my style as ever evolving. Its always good to be you, dress for you, not based on opinions. I have gotten weird looks for my style, but that never affect me.

Great topic!!!

Good to hear your feeling much better dear, full recovery soon :) And yeah!, I will also be visiting urban outfitter soon for that boot but online because there is not store around me :-P.
And your heart sure worked, now how did you do it? ;)


Couture Carrie said...

These pics just made my day, S-C!!!



all those headdresses had me swooning

i'm looking for a turban/hat/piece

you've put your finger pretty closely on what is style
great musing!

Miss Jo said...

Well said! You make your own rules! I find that people who follow that philosophy are dressed much more daringly and interestingly. I live in Vancouver which is the capital for girls wearing Lulu Lemon (Yoga Pants) and Aritzia. Which would be find by me but they all look the same, dress the same, even talk the same, and it drives me crazy because I work on a University campus, and sometimes after work I am sad after seeing all the unimaginative clothes people wear. Style is something that people develop over time and a lot of people DON't, mainly because they just follow fashion trends and what is in the stores. To people who don't take the time to take interest in fashion, it is not a real expression of style or personality, and I think that is fine by them. Personally, I like mixing things, vintage, new pieces, my old pieces, and just totally random things. I love fashion and I think it's fun, and I do believe that if you don't think it is fun then you won't spend the time actually creating your look!

great post!

Savvy Mode SG said...

lovely photos. i agree with you about setting a gal's personal style. i can take inspiration from others but unless i can make my own style from such inspirations then i have no id.

rachel said...

hello S-C! great post :) I agree with what you said about fashion and style. I believe that one must always always be comfortable with what he/she wears, because it is confidence that will shine through and if the person himself doesn't believe he looks good in what he's wearing, then no ones gonna believe it either. think out-of-the-box, wear the outfit with attitude, and smile :)

oh personally I luuuv the styles of Blair Waldorf and Summer Roberts (the characters), Lindsay Lohan, Kate Lanphear, Agyness Deyn, and.. Rihanna always looks great too.

thanks for your advice, luv! that is usually what I do too.. I put an item back in its rack (or have it reserved ;p), think about it a couple of days, and if I cant sleep at night thinking about it, I go back and get it! I think dally until tomorrow, then I'll decide. thanks again :)

♥ R

DaisyChain said...

What a wonderful post.
I tend not to care what other people think of my clothes and style. I live in a very closed minded town, and there is very few people of my age,
therefore I tend to stand out. This used to really affect my outfit choices,
but now I realise it's better to look and feel comfortable.


♥ fashion chalet said...

Thanks for the lovely blog comment. :) I can't get over how much I love the color of the shoes with the shorts. Who knew?

Another marvelous post by miss S-C! I have a quick question. Do you plan out your weekly blog posts ahead of time or do you go by a whim? I have a little notebook where I set up what to post next, but sometimes (like today) there's an impromptu post. :)

Off to stretch on my 3rd break from replying.. ;)

♥/ fashion chalet

Krystal said...

WOW is all i can say

CapuccinoB. said...

i DO care what people think. and i hate that. why can some people wear whatever they want to without worring and i cant?
well, you know, lets give time to time


Elizabeth said...

I think this is the best fashion advice that can be given since trends really are all about pushing consumerism.
My individual style has definitely changed over the years, but I have always enjoyed fashion, in the same sense that I enjoyed playing dress up as a kid. And I have always viewed fashion as fun and something to brighten my day. I can't stand it when people take it too seriously.
One constant that has remained for me is my love for vintage. I have a really great goodwill store near me where I have found some real gems. I also feel good about my thrift shop purchases since it is a way of recycling.
Also, I just want you to know I am adding you to my blogroll because I really enjoy reading your posts :)

KATLIN said...

I'm still trying to find my own style... doing that by wearing what I want and trying to mix things in unusual ways. And I'll be honest and say that I do care about what people think of my style and outfit. Though I try to not let their opinions way too heavily on my mind when I get dressed each day.
And I'm glad to hear you're feeling better! :)

muchlove said...

This post made me smile :)
I love how an outfit can express my personality or my mood, even though it does occasionally get dictated by the weather, the occasion, or even society. I try not to care much. I guess that's one of the best things about living in the city - there's so much eclectic style on the streets, that dressing a little differently isn't going to attract weird stares. The case would be a bit different if I go to my hometown in Indonesia.
I'm not sure what my personal style is, but I suppose it's leaning towards casual feminine.


Eve said...

Fashion is your apperiance so I believe one should dress how they
A. feel
B. wish others to feel around them.
C. to give off an impression.
The clothes you wear respresent yourself so why not wear things you love?
Clothes often make me feel a certain why. For example when I wear bright colors I feel more cheerful and so I wear brights a lot.

Love the second photo!

-Eve :)

Natasha said...

Super about the fashion. Totally true. Sometimes I'm a mess but sometimes I think I'm sort of cute. It's totally an opinion thing.

MR style said...

those pictures are so stunning !!!!!

Miss Karen said...

Oh these photos are so breathtaking!

I don't think I'm fashionable or trendy - I'm not wearing the coolest runway fads or celeb-endorsed wares. I wear clothing that is reminiscent of the 60s because I love the silhouettes, the colours, the styles and most importantly what they symbolise. Clothing from a particular decade is alway embued with the history of the time. And I've always had a fondness for the naive idealism and experimentalism of the 60s so when I wear clothing from that era, I want people to be reminded of that. It might not change their views but it might be a subtle catalyst to inspire a different way of thinking.

So in that sense yes I do care what people think but if it's a negative view, then it doesn't bother me. You can't please anyone and I find the ones who are the most vocal about their distaste are also the ones who are the most narrow-minded in general.

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

i agree with you. Their really isnt a wrong way to do fashion.

hmmm ive changed my mind lol...the only wrong i see is when women wear clothes too small and allow their guts to hang out of their shirts...then theirs always the muffin top spilling out of the low waist pants...thats just plain wrong.

Other than that, their is no wrong.

Caf said...

hmmm...I think style is just knowing what you like and being realistic about what suits you, that way you're comfortable and people always love the laid back chick :P

I try to just buy things I like when I see them and not to shop for particular things, because I'll never find them if I'm looking for them, I believe the perfect item can only ever be stumbled upon :)

gorgeous pics!

Cris Lazoru said...

What an inspiring post, both in pictures and writing


Modelizer said...

The last image is gorgeous.

My personal style is currently very minimalist and tom-boyish. So when I do get dressed up/girly/proper, people around me appreciate it a lot more. haha

Songy said...

Good luck with your license? Gosh no kidding really.. I never failed at anything in my life and that was the hardest thing I'd tell you. I wouldn't want to even reveal how many times I failed at that!

sarah said...

beautiful pictures x

surimay said...

i want a parasole! haha...random.
anyway, this post pretty much sums up how i feel about fashion these days. i say, just wear whatever you feel like wearing. in general, who cares! (which is what i tell my mother but she mutters that i look ridiculous haha)

but having said that, i used to be quite conscious of the way i dressed and i must admit that wasn't so long ago. after starting my blog and looking at others i began to feel more adventurous towards my own fashion. now i don't really care what everyone else thinks.

i think the most valuable thing i have learnt so far is; when going shopping with friends ignore everything they say. haha. listening to friends (so much as i love them) just results in clone dressing.

p.s. thanks for all the sweet comments you've made on my blog!

Lisa said...


just had to say hi before i am off for the day (!!!).



style comes from within.
nothing more or less.
and we should not dress for anyone but ourselves.
it should be fun and express who we are made out to be.
fashion is forever individual and each and every person possesses their own style which is special in each and every way.


these pictures are A M A Z I N G .


Hila said...

My mother comes from a family of women who have a particular approach to clothes and style. She was always taught to buy quality and since money was not always available, this meant she sometimes had a small wardrobe with select pieces, but a huge sense of style. She would do the most ingenius things with scarves, hats and belts to change outfits. Sometimes I think the best style comes from minimalism coupled with small accents.

Creaholica said...

You're totally right. Personal style is very important. You can take inspiration from others, but should make it your own way.
I've not a specefic style. Or, I don't no how to describe it. Just my own way, I like to make it my own..

oh, and I'm really glad about that.. I like to hear from you to! ×

Dream on said...

Thanks girl!
You are so sweet :]
The second picture is realy nice

Elena said...

Wow! great post! Especially that line "there is no wrong in fashion, only opinions" is like the best thing I've ever heard!

Linnéa said...


Annakadabra said...

I love the photography here, I checked out the source. Beautiful stuff.

As for style. I do tend to care about what people think of me, which limits me, I admit. But when I let that all go, I thhink that personal style is the most important element of someone before you know them, and to get to know them. It's what they say about the world sometimes (when they care, of course) and following trends is what the world is saying about you. It's no fun. So I start my own trends.

Sharlo said...

i love ur blog.
veri nice.
theres so much inspiration :)
shall we trade links?

Mila said...

Hello dear!!

Lovely post and beautiful photography, as usual. <3

Hmm...quite difficult one..i have to admit i LOVE fashion, but on the other hand i must admit i don't look 'fashionable' every day or so at all!
Sometimes i couldn't care less.
But i do love fashion and it makes me happy dressing beautifully and feeling good in my clothes, and of course seeing other people who dress great!

have a lovely sunday ,dear!


Jess said...

Mastering my own style - I think I'd be pretty good at that.
I personally like a nice mix of thoughtful fashion and words, - but just fashion blogs amuse me "Today I wore this pink hat that I got from *insert shop here* with these cute offs".
Hmm. Great.

ryan manning said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
i.d. said...

Thank you so much for this, and especially for pointing out that we need to work on the inside before we work on the outside. I feel like I have yet to find my personal style but only because I'm still discovering who I want to be as a person!

Petra said...

S-C! Another beautiful beautiful post.

In terms of fashion, i truly believe that you should dress for yourself alone. Please yourself, because when you are happy and secure in yourself and what you are wearing then you cannot look anything but beautiful.

Fashion is all about fun, and nto to be taken too seriously (in my opinion).

Hope you are having a beautiful weekend x

Franco said...

I think I missed your post yesterday :( anyhow
my fashion style is: whatever it's laying around my room. but i guess it would be eclectic

Third World Profashional said...

love the layout of your blog, has a sort of fantasy element to it.

Miranda said...

it's just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder
style is personal

Valentine said...

hey you! even when talking fashion (which can be very shallow sometimes) you still manage to give wonderful insight. :-)

to answer your queries..

i think its okay to follow trends just as long as you dont go overboard and always make it your own.

i used to care what other people think but then i got tired of trying to please and just wore whatever i wanted.. :-)

as for inspiration, i always look to androgynous styles ala emmanuelle alt or kate lanphear-- however, my personal style is very vintage. very bohemian, in a way.

weird, i know.



im going to email you with a few questions soon-- i know you are also interested in films and id just like to get your thoughts on a few things.. i think you're the right person to ask. hehe. :-) hope ya dont mind.


Nita-Karoliina said...

thanks for your supportive comment :)
i really like ur blog and said to Sunit to take a look at it.
Yeah, i am in my new place now. Its still undone, but soon it will be fully furnished, paintings on the wall etc.. then i post pics of it :)

Cate said...

Yer, I agree with you. If you only follow the trends that already exist, your style will not be unique. To be a trendsetter, you have to SET TRENDS - as the word already implies.
If I am feeling comfortable in an outfit, I really don't care what others think. But I can't go outside wearing an outfit in which I don't feel 100% comfortable. I always think: If you wear something, anything, with enough self-confidence, no one will point and laugh at you. On the contrary! They'll all say "how fabulous!" But as soon as the others notice that maybe you're not feeling 100% comfortable in your outfit, they laugh at you to makke you feel all the more insecure. People are cruel.
Well, I don't know.. I dress differently every day, but I think there are always some retro elements in there, mostly 60s and 70s.
Style icons who I look up to are definitely Kate Moss. She once said "If you want to be like Kate Moss, be yourself."
Other than that, I'm really inspired by the 60s.
By the way, I have made an outfit post today!

lacouturiernyc said...

what a gorgeous editorial! & i'm interested to see your photos on flickr!!

as for my personal style, it's always changing. i usually do opt for a more, say, sophisticated look? skinny jeans, heels/boots, tee or nice top, and a cropped blazer type thing. but i love experimenting with diff styles! i actually dont care at all what other ppl think of my style :)

La C

hannah said...

im loving all those ensembles. gorgeous photos.

Sunniva said...

I like what you say about that there is no wrong in fashion, only opinions. This is so true, and too few people realize it.

I have to say that I love reading your posts, sweetie! You always have interesting views on things, and you come off so intelligent and you seem like a very special person xoxo

runway2hallway said...

These quotes are so true and not only that but the pictures are goregous and unique!

Want more on today's fashion? Come visit us at

AusAnna said...

these photos are so beautiful. the first one captured my heart.

anything is possible.
would you like to exchange links?x

Me said...

love your blog! So esthetic!

♥ fashion chalet said...

The Art of Style, creativity! <3

Above, lovely as can be!! I love your artsy photos, and you know this already. :)

STEFANIE said...

I'm not sure if I've found my own personal style just yet, but I'm getting there. I think everybody gets there in the end...
Ouch and you got injured? I hope it's not too bad! Well I'm sending you all my "get well soon" wishes, so GET WEL SOON S-C!!

Valentine said...

RE: Your post regarding abandonment.


I have never been more moved.. and I rarely am moved to the point that I get teary eyed. But you managed that. Because your post talked to my weakest spot-- and that is charity.

Ive been questioned, by friends and sometimes family as to why I give to people I see on the streets. This bothers me because it shouldnt be a question of why, but rather a question of "why isnt anyone doing anything?". I know the few coins that I give them are nothing. That there are other things that I could do to help. But I havent done anything. I dont even know why.. when Ive plenty of time (just quit my job).

Your post made me teary eyed.. because I saw it as some kind of signal. A wake up call. I just cant keep ignoring those people-- because it hurts every single time. Feeling so helpless when I really am not.


I'll stop here. Because Im writing too much.

But thank you so so so so much for that post, SC. You are super!



Brigadeiro said...

I just discovered your blog today and love it, not only is it visually stimulating (such gorgeous pictures), but also insightful and thought-provoking...

Would you like to exchange links? :)


disa said...

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