21 December 2008

"Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got."

On Friday, the fanciful Kit, otherwise known as Ms. Unreliable, gave me the challenge of the "7 Things" tag, requiring me to mentally root around in my cluttered mind of thoughts and memory and collect seven things about myself to share. I am not very fond of talking strictly about myself, however I am who I am, and I have learned I am the one most hurt if I ever compromise myself.

I. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve shared my bed with a pile of books, numerous novels I immerse myself in before sleeping and upon waking, kindred souls paged and laid open, to mark my place. What I’ll do should I ever get married and my husband wants somewhere to sleep, heaven knows. After all, I don’t know what I love more, the company of a good book, or the company of a good man.

II. I do believe in ghosts, though I have no desire to associate or attempt to converse with them.

III. Whenever the day comes and I have an apartment or home I of my own, I am set on hosting classy dinner parties, with a select company to inspire and communicate in ways that have been lost to the era of often impersonal technology and vague text messages.

IV. If I ever think about dying, of death, the one thing I am sure of is that I don’t want to go quietly, or peacefully in my sleep, I want to go out with a bang!

V. The traits I admire most in a person are compassion, a sense of humor, honesty, ambition and enthusiasm.

VI. I believe there is nothing a woman can wear that is more alluring than fine perfume.

VII. There is only one factor that is nearly always responsible for making me late to appointments, and events: getting dressed. I find putting together a look quite arresting, and when I'm done, I often want to take everything off, and do it again.

Have you ever been in a situation in which you've compromised yourself to try and please someone else? Did you regret doing so? Now that I've told you seven things about me, please do tell me seven things about you! Also since it's the holidays, and because this entry didn't have much of a topic anyway, what do you look forward to most this holiday season? Are you traveling anywhere for the holidays?

Title Quote: Janis Joplin
Photo Credits: Photographer Glynis Selina Arban: www.glynisselinaarban.com.


D said...

thanks beautiful for the words and this post once again,you deserve every inch of every award that you have mentioned in this post,thank you again!

I have been put in plenty of comprimising situations I am not going to lie,i have been told to act a certain way around people by my parents ,I did abide by what they said out of respect,and I do regret that but I promised myself that I will not do anythig like that again,I love being myself!

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey S-C!

Well deserved on your awards & Thank you for the “Kreativ Blogger” award!!!! It’s been quite a weekend for me, our city got 10 inches of SNOW! 10!! SO traveling anywhere for the holidays, even to the mall for shopping, all got CANCELED:O(

It threw my weekend OFFF. But not the snow is slowly but surely melting away. Thank God :O)

Though, I too am not very fond about speaking of my self either….I thinks I’ll start off with the fact that lately I’ve felt like photo 9 & mostly photo 15.

7 Surprises of Tuesdai :O)

1)Most of my creative ideas are inspired from one of my favorite animated cartoons: Alice In Wonderland. Something about the silly madness, never ending puzzles & twisted riddles, always helps me to dig deep into mind & come up with something new & refreshing. I don’t know why “Alice in Wonderland”…but that particular movie…

2)I LOVE to blog & I ADORE the rain. Blogging are a very cool way of expressing & sharing your thoughts, humor & insights with the world :O) & I’ve always felt (for years) that the rain cries for me,

3)My favorite food is spaghetti…

4)I am extremely afraid of being in LOVE….but the thought that I possibly could based of a series of crazyyyy events has me very intrigued. Very.

5)I’ve seen unbelievable & wondrous visions & they have come to pass. Mostly all of them.

6)SO, earlier this year, I had a blog called: “Reflection by Tuesdai”, which later on caught a glitch…but designed a collage of Kanye’s “College Dropout” album & he actually came to my blog & told me that he thought it was extremely dope! …following with the fact that he LOVED my blog & I was his blog competition. *shacks head* His blog competition lol. We haven’t spoke in a while though… Of course I can’t find it…but ---- Here’s one of my collage pieces, one of MANY:

Speaking of collages, I was featured in a teen magazine: Six78th magazine: http://designsbytuesdai.com/six78thdreams.pdf

7)I once pursued a modeling career, but changed my perspective about it after 3 weeks of achieving it half way.

Hope your day is going well :O) Great things STILL to come!!

Petra said...

Congratulations on all the awards! Its so wonderful to see you getting more and more recognition and appreciation for the amazing posts you give us!

What i am looking forward to the most about the holidays is christmas eve and christmas morning, which my close family and I spend together. We are all so silly, and just enjoy being in each others company.

Love hearing more about you! I am definatly with you on the allure of dinner parties. I'm not a fan of texting and I completely adore communication techniques of times past. And the allure of perfume... I do not feel myself without my favourite fragrance.

Hope you are having a beautiful sunday! xx

Saorise said...

What beautiful words and photography. You amaze me with your posts every time.

And you're welcome for the award dear. You definitely deserved it.

Oh, and I really do agree with you on the whole dinner party thing instead of texting. It's such a drag nowadays being the only one at my school who refuses to text. It's strange how people hide behide machinery to communicate nowadays. It makes me sad.

I hope you are doing well!

Merily said...

Great choices for those photographs, love them. :)

Betsey said...

wonderful, charming post!
i love your seven things. you have shared some lovely facts about yourself. i especially love that you sleep with a bed full of books- i do too! how funny. sometimes it is very frustrating to turn over in the middle of the night and wake up only to be lying on top of a hard cover novel (im sure you can relate!)
i hope you are doing well dear & that you have an amazing holiday season!!

LaMimi said...

Hi darling!
What a lovely post:)
Have you ever tried writing a nover or a short story? You writing style is just so unique and interesting...and you always have so much to share, plus you have an ability to evoke unexpected questions within your reader's minds...You are a very talented young lady! :)
This holiday season I'm looking forward to spend time with my family...Although I still live with them, I don't spend much time in their company...Everyone is just so busy, stuck in their world. I'm sure you understand what I mean...
Hope you have a very merry christmas!

♥ fashion chalet said...

""Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got."" Words to live by on a daily basis. :)

Ah, dear, I hope they can get your car all fixed and straightened out for you, asap. At least it will cost less which is good. Reminds me of the post "looking at the glass as half full versus half empty." :)

Those chucks sounds so great. I mean black + purple. How awesome is that?? Hot. I do have some Nike dunks that somebody gave me last year- I still haven't worn them. HAHA. I really should. They have some purple in them.

Thanks so much, I appreciate your feedback on my chuck+raglan+skirt combo. I love MK and Nicole, just seeing them in similar garb is elating!! :)

Just in case: MErRY CHRISTMAS (early) and a Happy New 20O9 Year! :)


Mona said...

Hey S-C :)

Your photos are so beautiful, I love looking at them!

Congratulations on your awards!! Do you want to do a link exchange? Happy holidays!

xx. Mona

Mirthe said...

Very very very pretty post!:D

i.d. said...

I can't think of anything lovelier than waking up amongst some books! :P

These holidays I am looking forward to some quiet and reflecting on the coming year! xx

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

I found myself nodding in agreement with everything...apart from going out with a bang! Have been told that when I die, it will involve metal (vague fortune teller) so I'm sure I will go out with a bang now, but would prefer something more peceful

keira antoia rose said...

The sequined butterfly top featured on the last photograph looks like the one from a Rumi post...almost exactly, but hers was white. That was a lovely post. Your answers were written with such sincerity and beautifully stated. I have to agree with the dinner party answer and ghost answer in particular. I do believe in ghosts, despite my religious parentals opinions haha. And, when I am older I dream of the day when I can host fancy formal dinner partys at my home.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

ashley said...

i love all the things you wrote~ you are an amazing lady s-c:)
and well done on the much deserved awards~ your blog is always inspirational, thoughtful and meaningful~
hope you are having a festive holiday season...
x x ashley

Lisa said...

hey beautiful lady.

oh my.

you always warm my soul.

thanks for being a ray of inspiration.

i love your # 3.
tech. sucks our souls ;)

you possess such inner and outer beauty that it truly is a blessing to read your musings + passions.

i wish you nothing but the best this holiday season.

God. family. friends and food.
such blessings.

enjoy amazing cole.


Eelie said...

It has felt the same way for me and i'm surprised by the amount i have missed reading up on everyones blogs in that meantime.

7 things? hmmmm...

-I hadn't realised I was a vegetarian until my friends told me early 6th form year. I never ate meat (it just seemed natural to me) so never really thought of labelling myself as one.

-I light candles everynight because there is just something so beautiful, tranquil and relaxing that comes along with the lights' flicker.

-I prefer my own solitude with the only companion being a novel than going out to a bar at night with my friends.

-I take late night/early morning walks because it feels like i'm the only one here and gives me a time where i can just be immersed in the land, sky and seas without being looked strangely upon when i'm idly staring at something that at first glance isn't worth much interest.

-I'm in the midst of training myself to run a marathon, trying to achieve something i never thought i would/could will be incredibly self satisfying

-This one may seem slightly harsh but i want to be in the company of my 'buddies' (those that i volunteer for) rather than my family at important times like Christmas and other holidays because although my family know i love them i don't think that some of these people truly understand that i (someone) does love them.

-I used to play badminton competitively and miss that level of game. After i started uni and started volunteering on a near daily basis that had to be put on the back-burner as it were. I still play socially but it just feels different.

It was really nice hearing back from you. You have a beautiful soul, i want you to know that Susanna. xx

Rina said...

is hard to decide between something you really love, like books, and a man!,
i wish i love to read books, but i don't. is so hard for me, im very vague, i also wish i would like doing sports lol :)

The Clothes Horse said...

Fantastic list. I am 100% with you on number 2. As for number 1, I suggest a REALLY LARGE bed.
Also, old-style dinner parties sound ideal.

thedrifterandthegypsy said...

awww...thanks. muah!

Miss Karen said...

Congrats on all the awards - they are so well-deserved! I loved reading about your 7 things - I too believe in ghosts though I don't want to come in contact with one and I want to go out with a bang too. If I'm ever in NYC, I'd love to come to a dinner party of yours!

I'm on holidays till the 5th of Jan - I'm not going anywhere special - just relaxing at home and catching up with myself :D


Hi beautiful....Congrats on all the awards dear!Well-deservedindeed!! I loved reading about your 7 things...quite facinating. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas SC! ~SMILES+KISSES*

Wana said...

i always used to do that for my friends. buh now, i shoved them all off, and they ssooo miss me, buh im done!

Miss Urbanita said...

Congrats. for all your awards.
Fantastic VI.
Amazing pictures selection. Kisses ;)


Kate said...

Your blog is amazing! Most of all, I loved this point: III. Whenever the day comes and I have an apartment or home I of my own, I am set on hosting classy dinner parties, with a select company to inspire and communicate in ways that have been lost to the era of often impersonal technology and vague text messages.

J.Yo said...

i love all the photos, esp the bw profile pics!!

you are such a fab blogger, you deserve those awards and maybe even more!

i'm too shy to tell you 7 things about me on your blog! hahaha, gotta wait for tags on my blog then!

and yeah, i've ever compromise my self for someone else's pleasure.
when i was still in elementary school, junior high, well until i passed 14, i was this girl who couldn't stop falling for cute boys, and always trying to look good, and be their 'type'.

Nevertheless, i didn't regret that i've been there now, but i will tho, if i were never to change into my more confident self right now.

this is a great post! as always, i love your topics!

Fashion Tidbits said...

you've posted some gorgeous pics!

DaisyChain said...

I do so hate compromising situations. Damn them.

I hope your well sweetie and not tooooo stressed by work <3

chloé mariya said...

oh is it you in some of those pictures? they are wonderful. all of them have something really special.

Songy said...

It's like Santa handing out gifts. :)

As tragic as it may sound I've been doing just that this year. I've been stuck in a job that I don't particularly enjoy.. you get the picture. Things might change soon though.. I hope.

I'm staying put. Nothing special.. oh actually I'm going to see Morcheeba this weekend.

Merry xmas...

STEFANIE said...

aww loved reading this post about you! I can already imagine how your private dinner parties would be like!! I love doing that too! ^-^
What I look forward the most is actually Christmas eve, because of the party, being together with family, not having to worry for anything! And also because I have to study for my exams and on this evening I will not study for one minute.(damn the one who put exams after the holidays so that you can study while everyone is in this holiday mood!!)

Cate said...

I've really enjoyed reading this post. [I finally learned the Roman numbers!! I always mixed them up in the past :)]
About point I. I don't know which I enjoy more, the company of a book or a man... I couldn't imagine being with a man who doesn't like books. But I also believe I could MAKE that man like books! :)
About point III: Have you read 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'? I like to imagine all the dinner parties that were held in that book... And when I have a flat of my own, be sure that I will host dinner parties too! This tradition must NOT get lost!!
About point IV: Kurt Cobain once said: IT'S BETTER TO BURN OUT, THAN TO FADE AWAY.
About point VII: Getting dressed also consumes a lot of my time. I'm ALWAYS late for appointments, but sometimes it's just because I spontaneously decide to go another route, which is maybe longer ^^

Wow, how many awards you got!!!

And thanks for your comment! Seeing as it WEREN'T fake eyelashes, I take it as a compliment that you thought it were fake ones. If it WERE fake ones, I would be worried if you had noticed :)


Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous post, as always, S-C!

Congrats on all your awards :)

Love all your facts, especially your love of books and your "battle" with getting attired.

Merry Christmas, darling!


葛瑞塔.greta said...

i'm so glad your comment!
thank you so much!
i always have been to visit your blog in a long times .
because your blog is so pretty ,i like it so much!

Carolina Lange said...

Beautiful post!

J'Adore Fashion said...

Thanks alot dear for sure award coming from your--your too too sweety that i wish i had lots of nice people living next door to me--at least you leave next door to my blog sphere ;-)

back to the topic post, i so agree with you on this:

"There is only one factor that is nearly always responsible for making me late to appointments, and events: getting dressed. I find putting together a look quite arresting, and when I'm done, I often want to take everything off, and do it again"---i so do the same thing :-P

have a lovely and wonderful christmas. stay fabulous.

yiqin; said...

Wow, those photos are gorgeous. Once again, I love your title!! & I love how all the photos are shot for different purposes but always look so similar..

Nathalia said...

You always choose amazing outfits and photos!You deserve the awards I must say:)

the yellow elephant said...

thank you for quote Janis Joplin. she is my favourite, my hero, my inspiration. her voice helps every single time, when i'm feeling blue or are happy. she is fantastic!

the photos you have choosen are amazing. they are absolutely beautiful!


Isabela said...

im absolutely in love with your blog, it has such enticing images, i also am in love with reading though my books do not lay on my bed they lay in piles on my carpet, nothing is better than a good book, a rainy day and some macaroons

Cierra said...

your way with words is so simply elegant.

jaime said...

oh my goodness these pictures are amazing, so artistic, surreal, and full of mystery! and congratulations on your award, much deserved!

jacquieshambles said...

I'm exactly the same way with books. I MUST read before bed. I've been that way since I was a child as well. I've lived with bf's before and Yes, you were right, it doesn't work out too well! But it's certainly something one should NEVER compromise.

this wheel's on fire said...

Wow what a gorgeous blog this is!! How have I only just found you? xo

...love Maegan said...

as usual, STUNNING imagery! stunning.

A dreamer said...

you totally deserve all of those awards!!!

thanks for sharing those things about you too. very interesting. when you say you'd like your life to end with a bang...do you mean literally (as in gun shot)? just wondering...

jess said...

Great post! I love the phtoos I always like to learn more about the blogger.

UberOriginal said...

I few years ago I believe I would always compromise myself, for the sake of love and acceptance. I didn't know myself, and therfore didn't realise what I was compremising at the time.

Linnéa said...

Thanks for The "E for Excellence" Award !!!! Love the photos<3<3 so inspiring!! Hope you get a great christmas !!!


darling what a gorge post,you were born to write,to inspire...
I loved the tidbit about you concerning your sleeping with your much thumbed books.
Maybe you dont have to chose between a good man and the good books ;o)? perhaps the right man who also adores books and it finds it charming that they share your bed will share it with you and your books :o)
congrats on your awards beautiful,they are so deserved my sweet.im honored that youve awarded me with one.thank you!
Keep inspiring my sweet.have a wonderful holiday and blessed year ahead.

Vintage Me New You said...

Wow...such an amazing post,the pics and colors in your words, stunning:)
I'm sorry i don't have time to come visit you more often in here!
Hope you're doing great and i wish you all the best and all the love in the world plus Happy Holidays!

muchlove said...

Thank you so so so so SO much for the wonderful card! It "came" at the best time - as I very much needed something to make me smile tonight! :)
I hope you have an absolutely wonderful christmas!!

She comes from a nowhere town she likes said...

I haven't read the Kite Runner, but I am going to check it out of the library as soon as I pay off my fines and return the ridiculous amount of books In have taken out. I also have just realized how cool those pictures are, they look as if they are from a different time, where you didn't need to take all your clothes of to look good ina phtotgraph.

izzydore said...

I just got the Christmas card. It's such a lovely gesture. I really appreciate it!! Thanks!!!

Linnéa said...

OMG! Thanks dear!! The xmas card = wonderful!!!!!
I will post it as soon as possible<3<3

DaisyChain said...

thank you SO much for the gorgeous holiday picture/card
what a wonderful thing to do

The Daily Masquerade said...

what you wrote was very interesting! I ahve to admit that when bloggers write as much as you did now, I usually never read all of it... but i read this! you also find genious pictures! they are all lovely!

thedrifterandthegypsy said...

oh wow. thanks so so much for that sweet little card!!!!! i love it so much and saved it on my computer. im going to feature it in my next blog post, if you don't mind :)

STEFANIE said...

Aww thanks for your super pretty card S-C!!! ^-^
It's REALLY beautifull!!!
Happy holidays to you too (now I wish I had made such a nice card as well) ^-^

Female Action Star said...

awwwwwwwwww!!! thanks so much! you are definitely the bomb and made my snowy day brighter. it is beautiful thanks again for the card and stopping by!!! love ya n ur blog! happy holidays 2 u too Susanna-Cole.

p.s. my first name is Audreiana.. i should probably post that somewhere haha


Betsey said...

my dear susanna-cole!! thank you so so much for the lovely christmas card :) it is beautiful & i will treasure it always. i hope you have a lovely, wonderful holiday! xoxo,

Elena said...

Thank you soooooooo much for your card! It was so sweet of you! I was very stressed and tired and you made my day! Thank you!
And of course congrats on the awards! You absolutely deserve each one of them!

Aysia said...

S-C, thank you so much for that lovely little card! You are so thoughful, I feel like I should give something in return :)

girl next blog said...

I love knowing a little more about you with the list.

And the selection of dresses is amazing!


♥ fashion chalet said...

That is the cutest, most gorgeous thing; EVER! x

Thank YOU, my darling. :)


Happy Holidays, love. x

D said...

THANK YOU so much for that christmas card,you are always so personal with your gestures,i like that in a person...here's mine

"my wanna-be personal card"



jess said...

Thank you for the Christmas card its Wonderful!

i.d. said...

S-C, thank you for the lovely card - you are so sweet! I hope you have a Merry Christmas too. And I can't wait to see what 2009 brings your way! Stay safe & warm. xx

Miranda said...

sc i'm so touched you took the time out to make me a card! thank you so much darling<333 i love it :)
i hope you have a wonderful holiday!<33

J'Adore Fashion said...

THANKS dear, thats so thoughtful and nice. i hope you have the best xmas and a joyful newyear :)


My darling SC,
Thank you so much for the Holiday Card you made! Love the picture...imagined myself & you walking in the beautiful park in Versailles! ;) You have a fabulous Christmas love! ~Blessings as always*

rachel said...

I always take forever dressing up too, such a bad habit making boyfriend wait for me.

dear dear S-C, thank you for the thoughtfulness. I was so touched to receive a holiday card from you! (I'm not sure if something's off with the link though cos I can't open the page..) nevertheless, such a sweet sentiment.. thank you and I hope you enjoy the best of the holidays with your family.

Merry Christmas, luv!

♥ R

btw, how's your move to NY going along?

Petra said...

Thank you so, so very much for the beautiful christmas card! It is so gorgeous, and i am so touched by your lovely heart.

I hope you will have the most wonderful, magical christmas! xxx

Miss Karen said...

Hello it's me again!

I just want to give you a big virtual hug and kiss for the christmas card, it was so sweet of you! You really are a beautiful person inside and out.

I hope you have a wonderful festive season and a magicl christmas xoxo

~PakKaramu~ said...
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peaitlreiecnia said...

congratulations on all your awards!!

this post was very insightful, to say the least. everything you say is so lovely yet profound. i'm sure you know you have an old soul. which is a good thing, I'll have you know.

i hope you have a lovely, lovely Christmas and all the best for new years


Nita-Karoliina said...

hey love
i got that card and it was amazing,so beautiful! thanks so much! and also for the award, bot me and Sunit are happy. you are the best blogger here, your mind works in unbelievable way and i love it! keep up with it after holidays!
lot of love to you and have a nice holidays!!

nv said...

i love these pictures, all the girls are so beautiful!

Cate said...

Hey Susanna-Cole!
Thank you ever so much for the lovely card you made me.
Have a Merry Christmas!!!


Hello, I´m coming to wish you a merry christmas from Spain

sueper said...

first of all: thank you so much for the fantastic card - I loved it!

And I totally agree with the getting dressed item - it sometimes can take me ages!

girl next blog said...

Thank you so much!
You're adorable :)
I hope you have wonderful christmas and new year!


agnes said...

reading your post is always a joy for me,,, like breathing in the fresh air in spring. :)

here's 7 seven things abt me :
1. I have a little problem with controlling my spending( clothes, mags, food... well, almost everything!)
2.I love making my own yogurt/cheese at home.
3. I have a crush on your blog, which you could probably tell.
4. I am a school swimming team member.
5. I rarely write a poem til i started blogging.
6. I had an surgery earlier this yr, cause i fell in a hurdle event.
7. I am a rather chatty person.. too many things to say, so sometimes my mother get crazy and asks me to shut up. lol

and THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK you soo much for the christmas card.. that's really really sweet of you. I enjoy it very much. :)

Merry Christmas to you too!!
I have also made this little card for you :)


Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

lovely post!
1. My best artwork comes from me being angry or me being disturbed about something.
2. I secretly day dream about a fairy tale ending.
3. I love vanilla and straw berry ice cream.
4. I get happiness and joy out of seeing and making someone else happy no matter how big or small the favor.
5. I hate the feeling of loving hard and then becoming heartbroken but Id rather feel pain than nothing at all.
6. Fashion School makes me feel productive.
7. I wish to live in a studio styled loft and make art all day and get paid serious money while spending my life with my significant other.

And as for christmas??? I dont think santa is capable of giving me what I wanted for christmas so I didnt bother writing a wish list.

Allison said...

Oh, I absolutely adore your blog S-C! It's absolutely fantastic.

The pictures and your words are tres inspiring. Sometimes it's quite hard to act like yourself, and never compromise, but Janis Joplin is 100% correct. Thank you for reminding me :)

Your 7 things are brilliant - I too cannot wait to host dinner parties when I'm older - no cell phones allowed :)
Have a fantastic holiday, and thanks again for your blog <3

lacouturiernyc said...

thank you so much for the christmas card; it was so sweet of you!!

happy holidays SC!

La C.

saray said...

Thank you sooo much for the card! it is sooo sweet of you! enjoy the holidays dear!

so many awards and you deserve them all - another great post


Ivonne from Self Exposed said...

S-C! You are such a doll! Thank you so much for the card, that was really sweet of you!

I hope you have a great time at the holidays, and wish you the very, very best for 2009... tons of love, new friends, health and lots of beautiful, lovely surprises for you dear!


Hot Bot said...

Thank you for the card, you are insanely sweet. It totally made me smile, you're da bomb S-C :)

sanning said...

beautiful pictures and an amazing blog!

the yellow elephant said...

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR THE SWEET CARD YOU GAVE ME! you are really the most adorable!
Happy christmas, dear

Frances said...

I'm sooooo happy with the beautiful card you sent me!!! Wow. Really. I wish I were as gifted with images like you, S-C =)

Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas!

As for your post's questions, I'll answer just the last one. I was looking forward to a happy Christmas... because honestly I was dreading it, with Mama gone. I cried soooo many times as Christmas approached but then Christmas day came and it was wonderful. We were all together, we had good food, we gave away tons of gifts, we sang and laughed and prayed. No need to mourn. It is, after all, Christmas =)

Theresa said...

so many lovely pictures, also thabk you so much for the card, it really made my day. Have a great holiday.

Ivonne from Self Exposed said...

Hi S-C! It's me again, sorry now I'm the one double posting...

Just came back to tell you that I was able to see the card now (I was using a pc last time, and the link to the card did not appear complete) and I LOVED it, the picture is gorgeous! The place looks kinda like my parent's house, where I am now (south texas)... makes me want to just go out to take a stroll by the lake, and so I will!

Tomorrow FINALLY I am leaving for San Francisco, of all the cities I've been to, the place where I most feel at home :)

So... meery Christmas again and again thanks for the lovely card!

Elene said...

Merry Christmas!!!!

withasianstereotypes said...

Baby every time I visit your blog my heart over flows with inspiration it's almost painful.

Happy holidays♥ o.~, China L.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

I am like you in the sesne I have to read a book at all times, and awlways right before I sleep.

dying with a bang is very admireable, ive now realized, thats what I want to do too!

btw, lady, thank you SOOOO much for my little christmas gram. that was so sweet and thoughtful, you have no idea how much that touched me.

hope you had a merry christmas and happy new year!

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Sweetie... Thank you so much for you x-mas card :) Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy the holidays :)

rachel said...

hello darling, I was finally able to open the card. thank you so much! it's FABULOUS and i LOVED it so much! hope you enjoyed the holidays :)

love, R

CapuccinoB. said...

"a select company to inspire and communicate in ways that have been lost to the era of often impersonal technology and vague text messages."
i pretend to do something similar (some day in the future), i've thought we could meet! hahahaha

I sent you an email, saying thanks for the wonderful postcard you made me...

I hope you have the greatest holidays

Lots of X from Spain!!

CapuccinoB. said...

I'm the 100 comment!


darling thanks again for the beautiful card,the lovely award and all the blog support.hope you had a beautiful xmas.
muah x

roxanne said...

i totally agree with you on the dinner party thing.. i've got a dogeared copy of kate spade's occasions expressly for that purpose. now all i need is a place of my own.. this blog is fantastic, and so are the images in this post, by the way.

DiscoBeef said...

I've met several ghosts here and there. They are all horrible attention whores and make for dreadful company though.

Your blog is very visually appealing and sincere, you deserve all the accolades you've received!

chanelgirl24 said...

I love th photographs you used and you def. deserve all those awars, your blog is amazing!

Girl next blog said...

I've just added you on Facebook.

But how can you put this Facebook gadget for people to add you there? I've been trying to find where I can do I it but I'm still lost.

Thank you, sweetie!


Hey, it's been a long time!

I always love your tags because I can relate to most of it. You use words in a way that I had never thought of, but it makes perfect sense to how I feel. Does that make sense?

About the end of this post, it's like this song by 3 Doors Down, 'Be Somebody':
"I'm trying to be somebody, I'm not trying to be somebody else"

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Valentine said...

SC! Omigosh..

First of all, thanks so much for the lovely greeting you sent me. You always put a lot of thought into everything and that's what I adore about you..

Second, an award! thank you so much! Coming from you, it truly means a lot. So, thanks again.

And to answer you question, yes, I have compromised myself a few times before. It was a very hard time for me being in a Catholic school and trying to fit in. I do believe getting kicked out was one of the best things that couldve ever happened to me.

Lastly, I love your 3rd thing. I would love to do the same and bring back "real conversations" between people.

Happy Holidays, dearie!



Susanna-Cole said...

Hello my lovely dears, thank you all for the wonderful, wonderful comments! Just wanted to apologize though for the long drags between updates, for once I'm working in advance on a entry, a special (well here's hoping it will be) New Years Eve post, and with photos from a photographer who has been so kind and gracious, and is sending me copies of some larger, so I can upload them in my same 800 width format! Thanks for reading! <3


jaleh said...

congratulations on all those awards, you really deserve them. your blog is probably the most charming and creative one i've ever come across and i mean it!

thanks so much for your sweet card, it was so thoughtful and it made my day! hope you had a lovely holiday <3

ryder said...

happy holidays! thank you for your card so much, it was so beautiful of you, specailly because i was so sick with high temperature that it really made me happy. im so sorry i couldnt replay at the moment, but i was thinking about it. valentine, lisa, zanita, sure deserve the great prise and words you gave them. they are great girls.

Vintage Me New You said...

Thank you so much for that cute pic:)
It meant a lot to me:)
My first name is Gia, by the way!
I wish you all the best for the New Year;be very happy and go on with your sweet articles:)

TheMinx said...

What a perfectly amazing blog, why have I not seen it before?!! This is a great post, both for the pictures and what you shared. You deserve all the awards you were given.

Rice and Peace said...

Thank you for the well wishes after the passing of my father. They were much needed and it was so nice to know you were thinking of me. Also, the christmas card you made me is beautiful and now that I am back to blogging I posted it just today so thanks for checking up on me.

Hila said...

This is a wonderful post, thanks for sharing some details about yourself. I wanted to say thank you for the card you gave me - that was so sweet of you. Sorry it took me so long to visit your blog and say thanks :)
Happy new year!

Pratishtha Durga said...

I just discovered your blog, and it's amazing! Love your posts and it's SO easy to see why you are such a coveted blogger. I will be back for sure. You sure have an amazing blog here.

Diyanah Lo said...

Thank you so much for the card!That was really thoughtful of you.

Happy holidays to you too! Love ya, muahhs.

ps.sorry for the late wish

chocandcinnamon said...

Amazing pictures. So beautiful all of them :D

Mila said...

Hi gorgeous!
So sorry it took me so long to get back to you...

Thanks a million for the gorgeous card you sent me for Christmas, it meant so much to me. I was thinking about you too, dear!

Also, so great you finally found the book (you told me on Facebook). Isn't it beautiful and special? I knew you would love it.

Never forget you, S-C.


ashley said...

thank-you so much for the beautiful x-mas card~ you are a wonderful lady s-c:)
happy new year to you!
x ashley

Angela said...

My hopes for the new year?

Let it sound cliche, but really all I want is the absolute best for my family: health, happiness, security, and economic safety (especially in these times of economic hardship..)

I loved your 7 things, hope the new year brings you all you wish for!

STEFANIE said...

Hi S-C! Just quickly popping in to wish you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Have a great party tonight!
I wish you all the best for 2009, and I hope many dreals will come true! ^-^

DaisyChain said...

Hello darling, I hope you are well, and not completely snowed under with work.
I just wanted to drop by and wish you a truly amazing 2009

Mishka said...

I absolutely agree with your #6 fact about yourself!

PrettyInBlack said...

I agree with #II completely. People have to invite those things into their lives. I do not have a desire to do so.

FELICITY [!] said...

awh love,
i just had to tell you this post is absolutely beautiful.
i really love all your 7 things - it's like everything i love you put into such inspirational words!

sa said...