15 December 2008

"What we see depends mainly on what we look for."

They say a glass seen as half full represents an optimistic view, while a glass viewed as half empty is a reflection pessimistic perspective. Yesterday, my momentarily distracted mind caused a car crash, and I wrecked my car, leaving me in a sullen mood and a glass that I was certain was half empty.

Yesterday is only a past-tense representation of my life though, and today the glass is half full. Most my hard-earned savings will be spent on fixing my car, leaving me nearly broke, but I won't let my spirit be broken too. My enlightened perspective now is that I have nothing to loose, and everything gain.

Perspective is fuel for originality. We look at the same world, and see something else, our own worlds blossoming into life as a result of what we see, and what we are looking for.

Recently I've been flattered by blog comments from readers requesting my opinion of their blogs and similar. Lola asked me how to make her blog more like mine, to which I would advise, "in order to make your blog more like mine, make it less like mine." What I mean to say, is I depend on my personal perspective to blog, and I would be sorry to see anyone offer their readers anything other than their own unique perspective.

Sometimes though, perspectives are shared. An individuals perspective may inspire another, and that person's perspective will adapt and reform. In fact, I do believe we would be missing valuable links and benefits if we weren't open to hearing and seeing others' perspectives.

The manner in which we filter our perspective, what we look for, and then see, can provide us with a bounty of inspiration. In illustration, I have recently changed my perspective in fashion, and gathered inspiration from sources that I had previously left untapped: cathedrals, the night sky, a song: Ave Maria, candle-light, religion, eerie silence, and masked heroes. This territory I'm venturing into now, while it may only be fashion, is nonetheless a refreshing advancement of the evolution of my personal style.

Embrace your distinctive perspective, but never narrow your mind so that it is only possible to view your own perspective. Be open, and tolerant of the world's diverse perspectives. Conversion to another's perspective is never required, but if one is receptive, the discoveries we may make are virtually endless.

Said more profoundly by Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Life is a train of moods like a string of beads; and as we pass through them they prove to be many colored lenses, which paint the world their own hue, and each shows us only what lies in its own focus."

Has changing your perspective ever changed your life? Do you change your perspective often, and/or are you easily open to and influenced by others' perspectives? Who in your life, if anyone, has influenced your perspective the most? Since many of you are fashion fans, what is your perspective of fashion right now? Other thoughts?

Title Quote: John Lubbock
Photo Credits: By photographer Camilla Åkrans, and via Arvida @ http://arvidabystrom.blogspot.com.


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey S-C,

Thanks for the info on the photos :O) these photos are also gorgeous & the emotions coming from them are sweet & innocent. Love the 3rd photo

“Embrace your distinctive perspective, but never narrow your mind so that it is only possible to view your own perspective.” S-C

“Perspective is fuel for originality.” S-C

Both very well stated!!!

If I had to pick another quote to piggyback off of this one, for me personally:

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” ~ Albert Einstein

I believe that’s where I am right now in this season of my life. Though things haven’t gone quite as I’ve hoped nor imaginable for this year as a whole… STILL I always see that anything is possible, & can change at any moment. For me, I like to believe there’s always a pot of gold at the end of a discoloured rainbow: you never know where & how…but there is.

Hope you’re cool :O)

J'Adore Fashion said...

Those are amazing pictures--you always have great eye for pictures that go so well with the topic--nice topic their--its always good to be open minded!!!


Valentine said...

I love that quote you shared. I'll always keep it in mind. Oh, Im glad you're okay-- a car crash. Glad to hear you're fine.

As for perspective, yea.. I do change a lot. Everyday, I learn new things.. hear amazing stories.. and those things tend to make me look at myself and my life differently. I wouldnt really say I get influenced easily but I do take in a bit of everyone I meet (the bits I like about them most) and try to bring that into my life. This could also be the same reason why I tend to become "too attached" with people. :-) But they are muses, just as you are, and I need them to inspire me.




Still reading other posts.

You should publish a book, SC. Im serious.

Valentine said...

ps.. part deux..

I forgot to mention that I gave you an award.


yiqin; said...

So inspiring. Again. The girl is beautiful

The Clothes Horse said...

Oh, I so agree with the advise you gave on blogs. It's something I try to stress--anyone can write a blog, but only I can write my blog, so what is uniquely me that I should share?
Your blog always is a delight. I'm glad your mood swung back. :)

the yellow elephant said...

the first picture reminds me of when i was a little girl and used to hide under my duvet. i just layed there dreaming, singing and playing.

the other pictures are lovely, but at the same time quite odd. i fell a bit of sadness when looking at them. it seems like the woman is afraid or worried of something.

your post is LOVELY as always, dear.

letslivefast said...

ah i love your blog- all your posts are always so inspirational!

these photos are just lovely :)


Nathalia said...

These photos are amazing! your blog is always great:) and thank you for your smart comment, you are so right! What I meant was that I sometime just want a change, to do something fun and not take my looks so serious:D

MOLLY GRAY said...

The first image is the most amazing one.

{lucie} said...

these pictures are beautiful, lovely girl and amazing light!

jaime said...

oh i absolutely adore these! STUNNING!

Laura said...

OMG you have to come and see my logo for my blog. Great minds think a like?! I love your blog.

thesearchforchic said...

Aww.. darling, I am glad you are OK!

Thank you for being such an optimistic one can really tell from your blog.. so full of light.


Elena said...

Very nice post!
I hope that everything is going to be ok with your car!

Ivonne from Self Exposed said...

Lately, due to meditation lessons and some reading, I've been exercising my mind as to just perceive reality as it is, without judgements. That would imply not having any perspective at all... I haven't accomplished that yet (and I feel I am faaaar from it haha) but I am really looking forward to that clear vision of our reality... a window to the world and my feelings free of interpretations, previous ideas or mind structures...

XOXO darling!

i.d. said...

S-C, once again you've blown me away! It is so important to maintain perspective but it often takes time - I'm amazed that you had the ability to realize so soon after your car crash that it's not the end of the world (even though it's a major bummer!).

I try to keep my glass half full by asking myself, "In 3 years' time, will this matter?" or by thinking about people I know who are less fortunate. And I try to remember that even people I envy might have preoccupations and insecurities, and perhaps even envy ME for some reason!

In terms of my perspective on fashion, well obviously I love it (sidenote in answer to your Q: I am going to study fashion design but hoping to end up working for a publication!) but I know that there are other more important issues in the world. I just think that recognizing beauty makes life a little easier and enjoyable for everyone.


Miss Karen said...

Even though you need to fix your car (which is a real bummer) I'm glad that at least you're ok!

I think my perspective changes in spontaneous bursts where I'll just take an alternative view for the sake of it and see what happens. It's often come from that nothing to lose feeling also. But I think my more deep-rooted views will always remain the same and I don't think anyone in particular influences me, rather, everyone influences me.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Your topic really got me thinking, instead of thinking of the glass being half empty it's better to live one's life thinking as if the glass is truly half full.

I am so sorry to hear about your car/life savings. As long as you are OK and are safe, that is of the utmost importance!! Is everything alright?

Glad you liked my quaint Holiday wish list. I had fun choosing just a few things that popped. :)

You have purple CHUCKS? Now, THIS I MUST SEE. I love purple- everything. :)

Have a lovely Monday, darling.


Caf said...

Great post - perspective is so so important. To quote Fiona Apple, "He said it's all in your head, and I said 'So's everything', but he didn't get it."
No matter what happens you can always choose to see it a different way and choose to be happy and by skewing your perceptions in a happy way you create a world that isn't so bad to live in :)

withasianstereotypes said...

this is amazing the photos are beautiful and the model looks like a pixie. THANK YOU for this post it's so beautiful and inspiring. Your'e a lovely person baby,

mwah♥ o.~, China L.

KATLIN said...

Oh no! I am very sorry to hear that you have to shell out more money for your car. I know you've been saving for the NY life! I think that your view on this situation is a great start and very admirable... good things will happen if you think and BELIEVE good things will happen to you. Oh, and a little trick for money that I have is by writing the number '8' on a piece of paper and sticking it in your wallet. It can be any size, just keep it in your wallet (or whatever you carry money/cards in) at all times!! It's this numerology thing... works for me!! :)

thedrifterandthegypsy said...

beautiful, evoking photos you've got here. i love them all :)

Rina said...

i think you answered perfectly to lola, "make it less than mine" i believe that a good blogspot, must have a personal style, and not copied:)

but, well, we must accept that your blog is amazing, big photographies with a lot of definition, same size of pictures, etc-


D said...

this post is as awesome as ever,i hope that you are safe and sound,i hope you have enough money to fix up your car,

and one thing that i tell people is that being pessimistic will lead you nowhere in life,im an optimistic person if i say so myself,i love life and i always look at it with an open mind,its the only way to live prosperous.

on the subject of different perspectives,i love the fact that we were all born with different minds different ideas,different ways of thinking,without that free will we would all be clones,and then life would not be fun! we all live in the same world but in a world that we all see different!
being a copier is not at all my cup of tea,its ok to have inspiration but dont take that into a full on replicated idea!


love this post once again

Hot Bot said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your car. I hope you're ok, no whiplash right? And I'm even more glad that your spirits are up. Keep it up miss :)

Lisa said...


oh my lady- so sorry to hear about your car.
but you are SAFE.
nothing else matters!

i will be sending all my love.

you will be lead on your journey all in good time.

you are such a beautiful soul and deserve that best.
you will get it.

i love your perspective on blogging.
so wise beautiful.



j'taimee said...

I really love the direction that your 'visual conversation' is going, S-C. Diversifying your sources of inspiration is maybe the most important thing an artist can do. ...I really enjoy your blog and your never static perspective.
*My friends got the idea for their son Coral's name from a Baha'i marriage prayer: "O Thou kind Lord! Make thou this marriage to bring forth coral and pearls."


I love your pics as always. They are adorned with words of wisdom which is a perfect armony between fashion and feelings. Some people think fashion can be very material and frivolous but not with people like you.
And yes, I´m a open minded. I like changes to look for the best and I admire people who´s not afraid of changes although I mean to adopt + learn from differents points of views.
kss from Spain

jaleh said...

the advice you gave your reader is the reason why i love your blog, basically.

i'm sorry about your car but i'm glad to hear that you are not letting it get you down (and that you're all right, of course!) one of my friends got into an accident yesterday and i happened to drive by and see and stopped to help. his car is totaled :( i guess life always goes on though

Mlle-Prekopova said...

those pics are amazing pics ! she's gorgeous

poeta fit, non nascitur said...

Yikes! G'luck with the fixing up. But the most important thing is that you were alright.

Btw, I'm passing on an award to you. Check it out in my blog. It's a couple of posts down so keep on scrolling. You definitely deserve it.

葛瑞塔.greta said...

oh my god.
how much i love those pics!
that girl looks so lovely!

GoForCoco said...

very emotional and quiet pictures.they're gorgeous.
i really like your thoughtfull lines. you have a very unique blog-keep on going like that :D
greetings coco

jacquieshambles said...

I admire your swift attitude adjustment from half-empty back to half-full. It took me years of inner self-talk to get that far and actually it's still a major struggle.

Perspective and attitude certainly play a major part in growing up.

xoxo jacquieshambles

Couture Carrie said...

So true! And as others have done, I simply must quote S-C:
"Perspective is fuel for originality." Genius!

Right now, my personal perspective is a little skewed by my frustration at not being able to instantly get the career I think I should have . . .

But my perspective of the world and its inhabitants is much brighter since the recent election!

As for fashion, my perspective is open and accepting of all the amazing creative things being shown on the runway.
Fun Q as usual, S-C!


The Daily Masquerade said...

you have a great blog! I think that seeing that change has to come from within myself, not the people around me has made me a lot happier. Then you are not depending on others to feel well, you have to take action youself.

DaisyChain said...

Another amazing post m'dear.
On a personal level, changing me perspective on myself has changed my life, for the better.
I used to spend all day every day picking out flaws and wallowing in self-loating,
and now,
I try and focus on one small thing I like,
and ignore the rest. I try to see each day for it's positives rather than it's negatives.

Without going in to more details,
I feel like I'm actually LIVING now.


girl next blog said...

These pics are gorgeous!

And I am glad you updated so there are new pics to see here :) They're always so beautiful


Tina :) said...

Sorry that you got in a car accident, but I'm glad you're alright!

This is such an inspiring post, and the pictures too.
I think perspective and the outlook of life is extremely important. I know many pessimisstic people who not only are hard on themselves, but they also are very rude and disrespectful to others. It really saddens me when I see people like this, especially when they make no effort to change their perspective of life - all the do is self-pity and use it as an excuse for their behavior.
Changing my perspective has definitely changed the way I see things in life. Over the years I have learned to walk around in one's skin before judging them, and it has helped me become a better and more optimistic person by trying to look for the good in everyone. Seeing like this also helps me understand people better, and also how they see life.

As for my perspective on fashion, I have a great respect for it, and I see it something always changing, evolving, and moving - fashion and trends simply never stay the same for very long! I try not to follow trends too much - I do like to read up on the latest ins & outs, but I mainly use the trends to shape my style, not command it - style is something I take very personally and only I decide it, not other people.

Well, I'd better stop, this comment is getting way too long! It was fun sharing my thoughts on this matter; again, great great post!


Tina :) said...

P.S. Would you like to trade links? I would love to keep track of your blog more closely so I don't miss so many posts! :)

LaMimi said...

Hi darling!
First off...I'm so sorry to hear about your car :( You must be going through such a difficult time right now, I can just feel it, but the best part is that we grow spiritually when faced with challenges and hardships. So guess what? Right now, your if you make the right choices to react appropriately to the situations that are happening in your life then your awarness will expand, which will lead you to a better, happier life.


The minute we open our eyes, even daily...we should be able to see & view various perspectives...most importantly is through the eye of our heart when our mind is filled with LOVE&TRUTH i think... Fabulous photography SC!!!

muchlove said...

stunning images and beautiful words.
I'm glad your OK - even if your car isn't!

Miss Urbanita said...

Amazing pics!!!

oh_ayla said...

wow, these pictures are beautiful. and once again, amazing words. "perspective is fuel for originality" ..i love that, it's brilliant. perspective definitely shapes the world around us. you inspire. x

joana said...

thank you baby
i have a new post :D
these photographs are amazing!

Dolf Van Sprengel said...

A very nice blog indeed, I enjoyed the pictures very much. Though my english is not that good, I'm really liing the way you write things down!
Greetings from a far away country :)

Dolf Van Sprengel said...

I ment "liking"...

Wana said...

fashion to me, is whatever you make of it...
i think i am always open to new ideas but i do not necessarily embrace it...
glad ur fine.. sowie bout the crash..

Cate said...

Oh no! A car crash! I hope there were no people injured! I admire you for your strong view and that you don't let things get you down. You have the right attitude.
About the question about how to make one's blog more like yours, Kate Moss once said: 'If you want to be like Kate Moss, be yourself.'
The new direction of your personal style sounds interesting. I think you mentioned it in the comment on my last post, with the all black outfit!
I don't really notice whether I'm changing my perspective or not. It's not as if I say to myself: "Now I change my perspective!" but it comes more with life, with experiences, so slowly that I hardly notice it. I think everything around me has contributed to make my perspective the perspective it is.
My perspective on fashion is very open - I'm open to lots of different styles! And I'm always curious and I also always try to be strong and optimistic like you!
Thanks for the comment on my handwriting!!

saray said...

I gave you an award in my blog :)

curlydreams said...

I agree in what you say.
What´s the use of having a blog if you don´t express yurself in it?

nycartstyle said...

these photos are beautiful. the model reminds me of jean seberg.

i'm sorry about your car.

and i can't change my perspective. i've tired to, or i've tired to see things as other people do, but my mind always goes back to it's original perspective.

and my perception on fashion right now, is that fashion is trying to be all these things, instead of just trying to move forward. designers are bring back old trends and trying to re-invent them. designers should just get a blank sheet of paper and draw whatever comes to mind. they act as though all their originality is dead.


Who is this girl? short hair flatters her amazingly... Then again, I'm sure everything looks amazing on her.

Ms Unreliable said...

An impeccably dressed middle aged woman changed my perspective of the world when she sat next to me at a bus stop and told me her tale of her spiral into homelessness. It all began when she was the victim of a violent home invasion, leaving her afraid of her own home and at the mercy of paralysing panic attacks. Her support network crumbled, and before she knew it she was unemployed, homeless and alone. This short conversation changed my whole perspective on the treatment of those less fortunate than myself, and although I volunteer at my local soup kitchen, I look forward to the day when I can do more...

Miranda said...

i think one of the most important things to do is to put things into perspective. like realizing how lucky you are compared to others. but i think that you really need something to HAPPEN for you to really completely change your perspective you know?

ANGELICA! said...

thank you.

Mila said...

Hi gorgeous!
Such a beautiful post again sweetheart!
You are a deep thinker, as am i. Sometimes i can't stand the thinker in me, but by reading your posts, it makes me appreciate that thinker more in some strange way.

Recently i started reading the Bible (i don't know if i've already told you that). I can tell you, being even openminded about anything religious is a totally new perpective to me. I've always been kind of an atheist (i don't know why really) and lately i feel like something in me 'needs' religion. I can't say the Bible totally overwhelmed me with it's beauty or with it's 'wiseness', but i can say it does make me calmer when i'm rading. Like i am doing something that's good for me. I can't explain it too well.
I hope you understand what i mean.

About fashion. I really don't know why this is, but i am getting less and less interested in fashion and everything fashion related. I've always been interested in fashion a lot and i really loved it, but it's like other things in my life (tough things that i can hardly handle) are taking over this interest. (My mother even told me she started to get worried, because she can see i don't care that much anymore about the way i look.. haha)

Dear, i love you for being you. You're so special.
Stay you.


Mila said...

How horribly selfish of me!
I am so sorry dear, i didn't even asked about your car accident. Such a bummer. Blegh.
I am proud of you however, you are being so strong about it.
it's definitely not the end of the world of course, but it's very sad.
Thinking about you!!!


honey big big hug about your damaged car! so sorry to hear about it.
Perspective does affect a lot,it affects how we deal with trials and the downs that come our way.i'm alwayy saying "Marian it could have been worse" and hat "once theres life there is hope" so although i can be awfully pessimistic those statements always help me put things into perspective.
darling so sorry about the car again.
big hug.

Rabenschwarz said...

great, she is so beautiful.

sueper said...

Pretty pics - the girl has such a beautiful face! I just keep learning and being inspired

Lea Anne said...

constantly inspiring! so sorry about your car wreck also.

keira antoia rose said...

thank you for the nice comment on the blog! And I actually just got my header pictures off of google, which probably violated a whole bunch of copyright laws :/ which is not a good thing. And snow ughhhh. Very pretty at first fall, but after that it's just WET, COLD, AND SCUMMY. Your blog is lovely. The pictures you chose and the words you use are thoughtful, and inspiring.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Sophie said...

thank you for your blogs!!!! Merry christmas!

Porcelain Blonde said...

Provoking, as always :)

Whats that quote about life being " not what happens to us but how we see it"... or words to that effect.

I think having an open, fluid, perspective in both mind and heart is crucial for health and happiness. One has to stay true to ones self and have integrity but you also have to be open to change.

I'm sorry to hear you wrecked your car. Your positive and empowered response to "bad luck" is enlightened and sure to attract better things your way asap xxx

Ms Unreliable said...

PS. I know it's a busy time of year, but just to add to the craziness...
I'm tagging you with the 7 Things challenge - no obligation of course, but would love to learn 7 things about you...details are on my blog :D

Have a fab Christmas!

Eelie said...

You have a wonderful way with words. One that is evocative, emotionally and (sometimes) furtratingly engaging lol. I'm sorry to hear of your car and this newly realised optimistic view of the situation is the most postive way you can think of it.

Every single day i find myself changing my perspective on atleast one aspect of the environment, people, personal opinions and life as a whole and i would say about 95% of changes are self realised rather than influenced by others.

What i wanted to say though when i passed on your page is that i missed you aswell as give you a very big KIA ORA :)


Songy said...

It's funny how our brain works. When I was feeling just really low I had to make a decision to get out of that state.. wasn't easy as it went for months. As soon as I changed my perspective.. everything changed. So.. I can confidently say.. it pays to be positive.

goldfacedbetty said...

your blog is like an art show, with stories told from your thoughts and experiences.

love it.

my friend and i just started a blog, it's really not much but you can check it out too!

Kat said...

a wonderful post, and i really like the first pic!


changing your perspective is the best way to really understand life.

i love these posts.
don't ever stop asking questions, or pursuing their answers.


Allison said...

I absolutely adore the photographs displayed on this post! They are absolutely flawless.

Your blog is lovely!!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

oh lady, Im so sorry.

Sometimes, the glass is half full, other times its half empty for me. Im quite sporadic.

But, dont you live in NYC? Why do you need a car?

Hila said...

Another lovely post :)
Happy holidays!


different perspectives definitely affect the way different people act in situations. i love this post (and all your posts for that matter) they are so though-provoking and require me to reflect on my life a for about little!

A dreamer said...

of course. changing perspective in life has an amazing difference. even just thinking positively for a bit.
i think i'll never lose sight of what i believe is most important but a change in perspective every now and again...its good for you.

Aysia said...

I love everything you write :) I wish I could rock a short pixie cut like that...

Carolina Lange said...

Amazing photos! Love them all!

She comes from a nowhere town she likes said...

I've seen some of The Kite Runner and The Rabbit Proof fence and they were both extremely moving. I do love foreign films. I also love books, when I fiannlly grow up I'll have a big aprtment filled with books I think.

Creaholica said...

Ohhhh! Thank you very much! So sweet! I like the card very much, I will post him on my blog. (:

I'm sorry that you do not get a card from me like yours, I'm not good with thingies like that. But if I could, I totally made some for you. But now I'll do it like this: 'HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON! Merry christmas and a happy new year!' I hope you'll enjoy!


leflassh. said...

wow such stunning photographs
lovely blog.


Tanjil-Jane said...

I love your blog. The photos are amazing as is your writing!

With regards to perspectives, i love seeing and hearing other peoples but keeping my own and taking theirs into consideration. It just opens your mind a little more.

Anyways..I am coming to NYC in May next year. Can't wait to see the sights and the fashion!

Amanda said...

A wonderful post. Thanks for the little pick-me-up. Reading your blog always gives me a fresh perspective on life and current situations.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

what lovely photos. wehere do you find them all?

I find that my perspective on my blog changes. its very strange. but other than that, I dont know!

Happy New Years lady!

naomi megan. said...

this is a lovely post. thanks for sharing!

p.s. i also just found your blog and it's wonderful!

happy new year!

David Tech Guy said...

Sorry I thought this site was about Los Angeles injury attorney law, but none-the-less, I love what you wrote and the photos are awesome. Keep it up.

Sennakesavan said...

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Anonymous said...

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